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Wool cushion to create stories

Wool cushion to create stories

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The most exclusive and distinctly custom-made 100% wool cushion with a secret internal compartment, a "Blue Peter Time Capsule" transformed into a luxury home accessory for those who want to create stories.

1. Capture your thoughts on our Lar da Nai branded card.
2. Tuck the note inside the concealed pocket the cushions have.
3. Secure the cushion zipper.
Your wishes, dreams, and ideas will be preserved—perhaps for a few weeks or for future generations to uncover.


Crafted in the UK using the finest Scottish wool, we take pride in our close collaboration with one of Scotland’s longest-standing textile companies—a small family business that originated over 240 years ago on the shores of Loch Tay. Each of our cushions is adorned with text in gold, providing an exquisite and thoughtful touch.


Explore our collection to experience the timeless elegance and superior quality of our products, made with passion and dedication by our skilled artisans.


Length: 50 cm / 20 inches
Width: 50 cm / 20 inches
Lead time: 2-6  weeks 
Duck feather cushion pad included. (synthetic options available on request)
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We believe the most sustainable approach is to avoid overproduction.

Batch manufacturing is a production method in which items are produced in specified quantities, or batches, before progressing to the next stage of production. Unlike continuous production, where the production line runs without interruption, batch manufacturing involves producing a set quantity of items, stopping, and then starting the next batch.

This method provides a balance between efficiency, customization, and adaptability in the production of goods.

Through our collaboration with local partners, your cushion order will be delivered to you in just a few weeks.
At Lar da Nai London, presentation and packaging are all part of our service., each of our cushions is accompanied by a card and envelope, and a presentation jute shopper ready to provide our customers with the finest possible experience, from the high quality of our products to the exclusive packaging they arrive in.
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Protecting our Identity

Each of our products comes with a certification of authenticity, which further reinforces our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our customers can rely on the authenticity of their Lar da Nai purchase, knowing they are receiving a high-quality product and not an imitation.

  • As a result of our collaboration with local artisans and wokshops, your order will be delivered to you in just a few weeks.

  • We strive to strike the perfect balance between sustainability and efficiency, guaranteeing a timely delivery while reducing our ecological impact.

  • During peak seasons such as Christmas or Mother's Day, we kindly recommend allowing some extra time for delivery.