Running to survive

On the 8th of October was my first ever Half Marathon.
Training for it has proven to be more challenging than I initially anticipated, and so, starting this company from scratch.
As I dedicate a significant amount of time to training for the run, and Lar da Nai is all about the stories... I am turning my runs and the streets of London into a canvas for crafting stories.
You may have landed on this page due to effective SEO practices, or perhaps you stumbled upon it after scanning a QR code from one of my trainings or the race day. Either way, now you are here, thank you.
Hi! I am the founder of Lar da Nai. You might know that startups imply a massive amount of work, with around 200 million tasks. So, I came up with the idea of creating this QR code, which is now on some of my training T-shirts, to give this company some exposure. Getting a new company known can be quite challenging, especially when faced with limited connections. Unfortunately, despite sending hundreds of emails to the media, there has been no response.

I think, in one way or another, work, family, life... We're all running to survive, and surely, sometimes it's more challenging than we wanted it to be, but I also think all efforts will eventually pay back.
To all of us... Let's  keep running to survive.


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